Business status

We have been focusing on motor production for over 50 years since our foundation in 1958.

We have acquired KS and various types of certification since 1974, based on the accumulated design and production technology of our research center. We also have been producing qualified products for domestic and overseas markets since we acquired UL approval and CE certification in 1981.

We endeavor to meet customers’ needs as we are equipped with products suitable for various industries related to motors, such as EP+ geared motors developed for alternatives of import products and motors for agricultural machinery. We also have various types of customized motor production systems based on standard motor production.

General Status

Company Shinmyung Electric Mfg Co., Ltd. (SMC) Established September 1958
Capital stock 515 million won Employees 44 (domestic office)/120 (foreign office)
Certification status – KS, ISO9001, UL, CE, Highly Efficient Facilities
– INNO-BIZ, Venture Company, Technology Research Center
– Clean Workplace, Certification of Parts and Materials Specialist Company
– Good Workplace (SMBC)
Corporate Polices
(partners, outsourcing)
– Domestic and foreign partners: providing machinery and facilities
– Cost reduction (win-win)
– Our company: Conducts warehousing and inspection of materials and assembly process
Export Status – $5 Million Export Tower Award (Korea Trade Association: 2012)
– $10 Million Export Tower Award (Korea Trade Association: 2013)
2015 Revenue 15 billion

Management Policy

All of our employees endeavor to effectively respond to customers with the goal to achieve the best quality, utmost customer satisfaction and mutual cooperation under the management philosophy that “we prioritize active response to the customers’ needs.”